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Top 5 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving

Posted on : July 11, 2017

Eating while driving is a common form of distracted driving. Many drivers feel the only time they have to eat is when they are behind the wheel. Though eating while driving is convenient, it is extremely dangerous. We previously discussed the dangers of eating while driving here. Now, we are taking a look at the top 5 most dangerous foods to eat while driving based on Hagerty Classic Insurance’s dangerous food list.

1. Coffee

This hot and caffeinated beverage ranked at the top of Hagerty’s list for the most dangerous food. It may seem hard to believe that America’s favorite drink could be such a danger. Though coffee may keep drivers awake, it is boiling hot and can easily spill. When coffee spills in the car, it can burn the driver and stain their clothes. This may cause them to lose control of their vehicle and potentially cause an accident.

2. Soup

Liquid foods like hot soup are much like coffee, they can easily burn and spill. It is difficult for a driver to eat soup while driving since they will need two hands. Even if the driver was to drink their soup with one hand, they still risk the danger of spilling it on themselves and losing control of their vehicle. 

3. Tacos

You may see drivers who just came from Taco Bell, munching on their taco behind the wheel. Though tacos are a favorite among many, they can be very messy. This may leave food all over the driver’s clothes and give them greasy hands. If the driver’s hands are oily, they can easily lose grip of the steering wheel and get into an accident

4. Chili

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of chili on a cold winter’s day? Though it is the summer, this mild or spicy food can be a danger while driving. Chili is usually very hot, which can burn the driver if they spill it. The average person usually need two hands to eat chili, which leaves them with no hands to drive their vehicle. Also, if the chili is too spicy, the driver may choke and need water, further distracting them behind the wheel.

5. Hamburgers 

America’s favorite fast food, hamburgers, made number five on the list. Though this popular food item can be picked up conveniently at fast food chains like Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s, they are not safe to eat while on the road. Hamburgers can be greasy, which will leave your hands a mess. It is not worth eating this fast meal, if it will land you in an accident

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