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Top Car Maintenances To Keep Up With

Posted on : January 15, 2017

Basic car maintenance really isn’t that hard. There are simple things that you can do on your own. Some tips have simple explanations and these tips apply to pretty much every car owner, from business fleet owners, to specialists like a limo service, to the weekend hobbyist. Here are some car maintenances to look for:

Checking Your Oil Levels
If the oil is too high or too low, it can cause trouble for your engine. To check the oil, park on level ground and wait until the engine has cooled down after driving, then locate the dipstick. Pull it out and wipe it clean; then push it all the way back in until the top of it is seated properly in the dip tube again.

Checking Your Coolant Level
The coolant is the other thing your engine cannot go without. Every engine is different but if you check your handbook you should find where the coolant reservoir is. It will normally be bolted to one side of the engine bay or the other, and be a white semi-transparent bottle.

Check Your Tire Pressures
Check your tire pressures regularly; at least once a week is ideal. Bad tire pressures can affect fuel economy, handling and comfort. It’s easy to do and there is no excuse not to.

Check Your Tread Depth
Four new tires might seem expensive but they’re cheaper than a fine or an accident. Bald, slick tires might be good for motor racing but they’re no good on the road. Most tires come with tread wear bars built into them now. Find one, examine it and if your tread is too low, replace your tires.

Clean Brake Dust Off Regularly
Brake dust has all sorts of miscellaneous stuff. If you leave it too long, the combination of road grime, moisture and heat from your brakes will bake it on to your wheels. Brake dust normally clings to wheels with static electricity so a damp sponge and clean cold water is the best way to get it off.

Check Your Battery
If your battery terminals or contacts aren’t clean, you’re making it more difficult for the current one to pass around the electrical system. Remove the terminal caps and clean each contact post with a wire brush to get a nice clean metal contact surface.

Check Your Belts
At the front of your engine there will be a series of rubber drive belts that loop around various pulleys, driving everything from the alternator to the a/c compressor. Get your timing belt and accessory drive belt checked every 25,000 miles, preferably replacing it every 50,000 miles.

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