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Walking Through A Storm: What Should You Do?

Posted on : August 21, 2018

It’s hard to believe anyone would like to walk through treacherous weather. However, in South Florida you never know when that will hit. You can be walking through Wynwood ready to take instagramable photos because it seems like a perfect day. However, after a few hours the clouds decide to turn gray and lightening begins to strike. Sooner or later the rain starts to pour and you see the wind make the trees dance. Depending on the strength it might even push some signs over. The rain pours harder and harder and some cases, you may not be able to find cover.

What do you do?

  1. Bright Colors: If you have layers or anything bright have it on you as your first layer. When it pours it makes everything seem darker than it usually is – especially those who are a bit older. Wearing bright bold colors can help you prevent an accident.
  2. Pull out the umbrella: Who doesn’t have an umbrella on them in South Florida? In horrific weather, it will protect you from most of the rain until you find shelter. Be aware that the strong winds may flip it or make it fly out your hands. The wind and rain may even make the umbrella weak and flimsy as it is used, but would you rather be mostly dry when you reach your destination?
  3. Avoid deep puddles: In treacherous rain you never know what can be lurking in those waters. They may be fun for children, and you might think you’re safe with those closed-toes shoes but you might be asking for ring worm if you decide to walk through.
  4. Cross at Crosswalks / No Jaywalking: Don’t think you’ll be rescued if you think cars are not coming. Sometimes the rain makes us blind and there will be some people who forgot to put on their headlights. Do not jaywalk to the other side of the street. Even if you run, the road may be slippery, which makes the car run faster than you think.
  5. Avoid texting: You heard of “no texting while driving” but we’re saying “no texting while walking.” Always be alert of your surroundings at all times and concentrate where you are going.
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