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Ways to Treat a Headache

Posted on : January 9, 2018


Over-the-counter treatments

Fortunately, most tension headaches will go away with over-the-counter treatments. Visit your doctor prior to picking up the best prescription that best suits your symptoms.

Relaxation techniques

Because most headaches are stress-induced, taking steps to reduce stress can help relieve headache pain and reduce the risk for future headaches. These include:

  • Heat Therapy  such as applying warm compresses or taking a warm shower
  • Relaxation Excercise. Light exercise can aid the tension.
  • Massage. Treat yourself to a spa day and enjoy a good massage.
  • Meditation. This usually helps clears the mind and possible help soothe a headache.
  • Neck stretching. You might have some tension so some neck stretches are helpful.


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