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What Climbers Should Know To Prevent An Injury

Posted on : June 21, 2018

For the adventurer and active soul, climbing might be on the bucket list. Better yet, indoor climbing might be a frequent activity for others. Weird, right? Florida doesn’t have many natural places to climb. However, we do have wall climbing available for those who would love to learn. This might be a great activity for those out of school. Maybe, a person you know might be training for Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race. We know those types of activities are brutal and includes some climbing. Before you start training on wall climbing, keep in mind your safety.

What kinds of injury can you receive?

Shoulder: dislocation or tears
Fingers: they usually hold your weight. They can go into a shock if you don’t warm up your body well enough.
Elbow and arms: climbers can receive golfer’s elbow. This is where your elbow may feel stress and weak. It’s an ultimate sign to rest your body.
Legs: tendons and joint capsules are always at risk when performing in a vigorous activity.

Many climbers prepare their bodies before climbing. Working out is helpful to prevent a strain. From running to lifting weights, it helps to have some muscle. Climbing is already a workout but instead of lifting weights you’re lifting body weight. Since it takes a lot of movement, it will take time for it to adjust. Therefore, taking rests in between climbs is a must. With that being said, it’s good to challenge yourself. When it comes to indoor climbing there are different types of obstacles a person can try. For your body to get used to the movements, mix it up after every rest. It will keep the blood flowing.

How can you avoid blisters?

Even when you get used to climbing, you’re never prone to blisters. Therefore, take care of yourself. Maybe people suggest using chalk or skin balm to prevent major blisters. Yes, they are small, but they still can prevent you from climbing again if it burns too much. You might even suffer from tendonitis or trigger-finger syndrome after a while. Always listen to your body before it comes to this. A day or two rest can do wonders for your health.

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