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What To Do After a Slip & Fall Accident

Posted on : November 26, 2019

Slip and fall accidents can cost a lot of money. Medical expenses and lost wages can translate into a lot of money lost, so it is important to take slip and fall accidents very seriously, especially if the accident was not your fault. It is also important to consider that your actions after the accident can have a crucial impact on your legal case. That being said, the following steps can give you the best chance of winning a slip and fall case:


  • Immediately following the accident, seek medical attention. Your health should be your first priority. While slip and fall injuries are usually minor, like small bruises and cuts, they can also be very serious and not apparent at first glance, such as head trauma or broken bones. In addition to treating any injuries, it is important that you document these injuries by a professional while the incident is still recent.
  • Immediately following the accident, pay attention to your surroundings. This is important because what caused you to slip and fall may be visible at the time of the accident, such as a wet floor with no warning. Also, mark down witnesses’ names and contact information who were present during the accident.
  • Under no circumstances provide a recorded statement about your accident until you have hired an attorney for your case. This is because businesses or insurance companies might use whatever you provide them against your case. You do need to report with the person in charge of the property where the incident took place, but do not give out a statement about your incident.
  • Limit communication with anyone involved in your case regarding the accident. This includes business owners, employees, and witnesses. This is to prevent any contradicting information regarding your case, such as downplaying your injuries to witnesses. You may be contacted by insurance adjusters and the company’s attorneys. It is important to be very careful as to what to say to these people, as they may use whatever you say against you in your case.
  • Assist in medical follow-ups with your doctor and follow your doctor’s recommendation. This is important since it shows that the injuries are serious and need treatment.
  • Take pictures of everything. Pictures of where the accident took place from all angles, your injuries, the possible cause of the accident, even the clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident. It is extremely important to take pictures of the accident right after it happened. If you are unable due to your injuries, have a friend or family member take pictures.

Nobody is a winner in slip and fall accidents, but it is important to know that if you are a victim of this type of accident and if the company is at fault, you should be compensated for any expenses that might surface, in addition to compensation for pain and suffering. 411Pain offers excellent medical services and attorney referral services. Just remember, if you’ve suffered from a slip and fall, after 911 call 411!

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