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What to Do if You get Stung by a Jellyfish

Posted on : September 15, 2017


The beach is a place for resting and relaxation, but there are always creatures lurking around in the waters. They don’t mean to intentionally harm you, however, we somehow fall victim to their defense.

A common occurrence is being stung by a jellyfish while wading around shallow waters or walking along in the wet sand. You would generally know that you’ve been stung by a jellyfish if you experience immediate pain with red and irritated welts on the skin.

Here is what you should do after you discover the site of the sting:

Remove Tentacles: If there are any tentacles still stuck to the area, carefully wash them away with salt water (do not use fresh water- this activates the stingers so steer clear from splashing this on the sting site). Use the edge of a credit card or ID card to scrape the stingers off of your skin.

Venom Care: Grab vinegar and pour it over the wound to help deactivate the venom. You could also mix baking soda with seawater to create a paste. Apply this to the affected area.

Pain Relief: There are many ways to relieve the pain and itching. You could use calamine or lidocaine lotion in the area. You could also take a hot shower since marine venoms are sensitive to heat. If you don’t want to get in a hot shower, a hot pack should suffice. Feel free to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with the pain.

If you develop shortness of breath or an allergic reaction other than pain and swelling in the affected area, seek medical help immediately.



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