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What To Know About Self Driving Cars

Posted on : September 4, 2017

Within the upcoming years, thanks to advances in radar and data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cameras, autonomous driving technology will accelerate. Advances in technology will enable cars to actually drive themselves, with six levels of automation. Defined under international standards by the Society of Engineers, new cars will be classified on a range from “no automation” to “full automation”. The following safety questions are key points discussing what to know about self driving cars.

Will there still be crashes?

Various studies have found that human error is the cause of nearly all car crashes. If human error is eliminated, roads will become increasingly safer. The improved safety is due to the elimination of phone calls at the wheel, drunk driving, and lack of driver attention. 

Will drivers still need insurance?

As of now, experts caution it will still be required for vehicle owners to have insurance. Completely autonomous vehicles will probably be classified as an entirely different vehicle which will require additional insurance.

How will the law adapt to autonomous vehicles?

Laws and regulations will be modified to enable the use of automotive technology without a driver, to ensure that the autonomous technology is properly maintained. 

Do autonomous vehicles reduce the risks for pedestrians and cyclists?

Due to the novel nature of autonomous cars, experts are still determining how the risks of pedestrians and cyclists will change. Pedestrians and cyclists may “test” the technology to see how autonomous cars will react. There will be failures, as there is with any new technology. 

Although many questions still remain for the safety and risks autonomous cars pose, many benefits have been proven to date. The main proven benefits of autonomous cars include fewer accidents, less congestion, less emissions, and saved parking spaces. Over time, experts will become more familiarized with the technology, and thus learn ways to nearly eliminate car accidents that negatively impact drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

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