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What To Know About Skate Parks To Prevent Injuries

Posted on : June 12, 2018

School is out! That means kids, teenagers and young adults have more time to have fun. You may find more people – especially younger children at the mall, coffee shops, and parks. If your child is active then you may find them playing sports or heading to the skate park with their skateboards and bikes. These parks were made for entertainment and exercise, but the people have to keep in mind of the dangers and injuries it can cause.

Head injuries are the number one common injury when it comes to the skating community – especially with younger children. This can easily be prevented by wearing a helmet. Though, many children avoid this safety rule because wearing a helmet might make them feel too sweaty or it may not seem “cool” to bystanders at the park. Unfortunately, skating accidents have sent people to the hospital – especially those who have attempted to do some tricks.

Speaking of tricks…

Risky tricks can be harmful to the skater or to bystanders within the vicinity of the park. For the inexperienced skater, attempting tricks might be dangerous. It is best to practice tricks in a skate park that offers monitoring and medical care. Most of these trips involve high-speed and jumps that can cause injury to the performer and to others that are in the way of the trick. Many skateparks can be overcrowded at times. A skater may be in-tune with the trick that he or she may not pay attention to others skidding through.

Fractures can happen at any time when skating. It’s possible for minor fractures to occur when you’re trying to learn how to skate. A person can fall and break their leg, hand or wrist; and depending on their fall depends on how drastic their injuries are. This can also happen when collisions happen. Skaters tend to over speed and avoid their surroundings – thus colliding with other skaters in the park. In result, both skaters will take a fall leaving them with a minor injury.

To avoid any dangers that may occur in a skate park its best to wear the proper gear and always be alert of your surroundings. Keep in mind of other skaters and where they are skating next. If you are attempting to do tricks, make sure someone is there to spot you and make sure that medical care is close by in case of emergencies.

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