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What Types of Food Will Make You Tired?

Posted on : August 2, 2018


You probably heard it at least once in your lifetime. The foods you eat affect your performance during the day. How much you eat may also affect your mood. However, it all comes down to the type of foods you consume. Different foods will either energize you or make you hit the covers. If you are having a busy day and can’t afford to take some shut-eye, here are a few types of foods you should avoid.

  1. Pasta: We do love our Italian food, don’t we? Unfortunately, before you request some lasagna for lunch, consider the feeling you get after eating. Pasta has refined carbohydrates that will boost your blood pressure and make you feel fatigue. Why do many tasty meals make people feel so drowsy? Life is not fair.
  1. Meat: This one is mostly talking about the red meat family. Yes, these delicious steaks hold iron that is a wake-up supplement, but they do carry high levels of fat. Because of the fat, it makes digesting food a little more difficult. Even though you’re not taking up much energy, doesn’t mean your body is not doing a lot of work. Your digestive system is taking in a lot of energy – which leaves you feeling drowsy.
  1. Fish: Hold the sushi! Even though fish offers protein and fatty acids, it also holds vitamin B6. This vitamin creates melatonin, a sleep hormone that will trigger you to crawl into bed and hide under the covers. If you need to keep yourself up in the afternoon, eat your salmon for dinner instead. Besides, you don’t want to be walking around with fish breath, do you? We hope not!

There are a lot of foods that may lead you to drowsiness. Some are also those that may wake you up in the morning. Therefore, it is best to set up your meals accordingly. So you can consume all the nutrients you need for the day. Like we said in the beginning, portions take into effect on how your energy level is placed! We know our list sounds delicious, but be aware that you might get sleepy after a while.

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