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What You Need To Know Before You Modify Your Car

Posted on : July 10, 2018

You may be thinking about modifying your car for many reasons:

  1. You want the car to fit your style
  2. You want the engine to sound nice
  3. You want your modified car to be a project car

Whatever it is, you should always do your research before you mod your car. First comes first, always check the state laws on specifications with what is acceptable. For example, there is a certain amount of percentage of tint you can have on your windows. Even though the majority of these laws and regulations are similar across the United States, some states may differ. Once you have that in mind, plan out what direction you want to do to your car that fits your interests.

Research and planning is a key factor when you are modifying your car. Know what you want to do before you start investing. Most of the time, car parts are expensive. You don’t want to be wasting money because you decided to change the route. If you started out with a vintage route and install an old radio, you need to find a way to get a picture at the driver seat if you want a rear camera. You might need to buy another radio!

Next, find out about the specific parts you will need. This will depend on the type of performance you want out of your car. Defining if you want it to be modified to race or for showcases (or somewhere in-between) with the type of car you have will determine the type of parts you can invest in. Purchasing parts may seem easy to you, but always look into where you’re buying your car parts. You don’t want something that is over-used. If you are buying a huge part, you don’t want it to be rusty. The prices might entice you, but it might not be good for your car. Be frugal, but also be picky. This is your project – you deserve to “spoil” a little.

When it comes to research, even though you may know what you want to modify — make sure you 100% know how too. A rule of thumb is to get your car checked before you even start to mod your car. The first few things to check are your fluids, your brake lines, and your suspensions. You can always ask the dealership what are their opinions. Though, the easiest thing to change first is the wheels. It’s important to know how to change a tire anyways. However, changing the tires you want on your car is a little more exciting. It will fit more to your qualifications and style than just placing one to drive.

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