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When to Use Your Hazard Lights

Posted on : February 9, 2018

Hazard light laws vary from state to state. Some states designate that Hazards be used in very specific situations, while other states are more liberal with their hazard laws. Your car in the middle of the road is dangerous, which is exactly what hazards signify. This is why roadway etiquette is important to keep up with.

Your cars hazard lights are made specifically to alert the other drivers on the road that your car is not moving. To keep you all safe, here are the rules for using your hazard lights.

You want to avoid, using your hazards these situations

Bad weather

When your driving in weather that has low visibility having you hazards tells other drivers that your car is stopped. It’s better to utilize your fog light to increase visibility in a storm.

Driving in heavy traffic

having you Hazards on in traffic will increase your visibility, but is a distraction to other drivers and can confuse them.

Parking illegally

Parking illegally is never a good idea. Turning on your hazard lights doesn’t make it legal. the road is meant to be shared.

Using your hazards to take the place of a turn signal

If you’re slowing down to exit the highway due to an unexpected problem, think twice before using your hazards. As we mentioned before, turn signals are generally disabled when your flashers are on. That can make it difficult for other drivers to know where you’re going and could result in a crash.

Consider using your hazards when

 You’re getting pulled over

turning you hazards on when being pulled over can signal to the officer that you acknowledge that you’re being signaled. make sure that you pull over in a safe area for both you and the officer.

Changing a tire on the side of the road

Use your hazard lights when your vehicle becomes a potential hazard for other road users. If you’re parked on the side of the road changing a tire, it’s generally okay to have your hazards on.

Your car has broken down and you’re waiting on the side of the road for a tow

Your car has become a temporary hazard and you’re waiting for assistance. Warn other drivers of your presence, especially if you are not able to move your car out of traffic.

You’re driving in a funeral procession

Funeral processions are an exception to most hazard light guidelines. It’s customary for vehicles in a funeral procession to drive with their hazard lights on, even when it is otherwise prohibited by law.


Even with your hazards on, stopping your car near traffic can be dangerous. Anything you can do to prevent having to pull over in the first place is worth considering. Keep your vehicle well maintained. You’ll be able to drive to a safe stopping point even with a completely flat tire, so you won’t need to wait for a tow or try to change a flat tire on your own.

click here to see what stance your state has on hazard light usage

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