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Posted on : April 18, 2012
Three People Sent to Hospital After Two Car Accident
Three people were rushed to the hospital following a two-car accident on April 16, 2012. When fire rescue arrived to the accident scene, “They found a Toyota Prius on its side with three occupants pinned inside (KPTV.com).” Firefighters had to apply recently acquired skills developed to aid rescue crews with removing occupants from electrically powered cars. The process involved “Disconnecting and de-energizing the hybrid vehicle’s electrical lines to prevent being shocked in the process of removing the victims from the vehicle (KPTV.com).” This procedure protects both the firefighters and the vehicle’s occupants.
Fortunately, there were no fatalities associated with this accident. The only occupant unaccounted for is a small, black dog named Zorro. He fled the accident scene and remains missing. The owners are asking that he be returned to a shelter if he is found. Zorro has an electric chip, so his owners would be notified immediately if he is returned to a shelter.
411 Pain would like to remind you to stay alert and drive as safely as possible. Many accidents could be avoided if drivers were not so distracted. 411 Pain strongly recommends avoiding using cell phones, eating, or engaging in any other types of distracting activities while driving. Stay focused on the road and drive as safely as possible.
         For more of the latest information on driving safety and accident statistics, visit www.411Pain-News.com. Robert Lewin, owner of 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive and to always wear your seatbelt. 
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