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Avoid Solar Glare During Sunrise

Posted on : March 26, 2018

Don’t you love the sight of a morning sunrise? You can absorb some vitamin C and capture a beautiful view of the sky. Despite the fact of the beautiful scenery, those on the road during sunrise may not think it’s as pretty. The sun’s glare might be striking drivers’ eyes as they try to commute. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, glare from headlights and sunlight are known to be one of the factors that cause vision threats to road safety. The glares may even put you in a car accident. Take precautions on the road by knowing how to prevent the sun from getting into your eyes and keep on driving.

Precautions to avoid the glare:

Sunglasses and visors: having a spare of sunglasses reachable can lessen the sun’s glare from your eyes. Pulling down your visors is an alternative. The visors can be used to block the sunlight. And if you’re too short for the visors—they sell extended ones online that can help prevent your eyes from being blind.

Slow down and leave extra car room: while driving down into the sunset—especially in traffic—it’s best to slow down and leave extra space in front of you. Most likely many cars might want to slow down or stop. Give yourself some room to prevent an accident.

Headlights during early hours: this may seem weird, but it can help other drivers on the road. Using your headlights can make you visible for the cars behind you. So if you have to make a  sudden stop, the car will see your headlights and slow down before you get into a crash.

It is difficult to keep your eyes blocked from the sun’s glare. If need too, pull over to the side of the road until you feel that it is safe to drive.

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