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Why Is My Car Having A Mental Breakdown?

Posted on : October 25, 2018

As much as we love our cars, sometimes our cars don’t show their love back – especially if we don’t pay attention to its needs. If your vehicle has decided to pause on you when you’re on the road, it’s saying it needs some more attention and love.If it’s not your battery, there are other reasons why your car is acting “sick.” Here are a few reasons why your car is having trouble driving smoothly:

  1. Moisture In The Gas Tank: When was the last time you put in gas? Sometimes your car is breaking down because the fuel that was put into your gas tank has too much moisture. This means that the gas does not burn properly for the engine to start. The good news all you have to do is drain out the fuel. The bad news is that you’re going to have to pay for new gas. It’s just a cost to keep your car happy and your engine running.
  2. Air Problems: Just like our bodies, air is an imperative part of functioning. A car needs proper air for the combustion to work well. If it doesn’t get proper air, there is a risk that your car’s engine will be overheated and cause a stall. Therefore make sure there is air going through the filter. The engine will be happy and help you drive from point A to be point B.
  3. Timing: Believe it or not, your car might be in trouble because your timing might be off. Close to the fuel system is a timing belt that synchronizes different parts of the engine to work. If it’s off timing, then it won’t support productivity. Bring your car in for a check-up if you believe the timing within the belt is off.

To prevent your car from breaking down, make sure to always listen to it and feel it out when you start your engine. When your car seems like it is asking for help, make sure to check it as soon as possible. And if there are any problems you can fix on your own, it is time to visit a local mechanic to get your vehicle fixed and ready.

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