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3 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Posted on : June 16, 2017

Trucks are much more difficult to drive compared to passenger vehicles. Many trucks travel far across the country to deliver food, products, or materials. For truck drivers, this means encountering unfamiliar roads and driving for hours without stopping. According to The United States Department of Transportation, there are over 500,000 truck involved accidents yearly. Here are the top 3 common causes of truck accidents

Reckless Driving from Passenger Vehicles

Most truck accidents aren’t caused by the driver of the truck. The United States Department of Transportation states that more than 75% of truck involved accidents are caused by passenger vehicles who are driving recklessly. As a driver, one of your first instincts may be to go around a truck because of how slow they drive. Cutting a truck off, stopping short, or tailgating is never a smart idea when driving around a truck.

Trucks need a good amount of time to stop because of how large they are and how much weight they carry. Trucks that must stop short will most likely rear-end or crush the vehicle in front of them. 

Fatigue and Tiredness 

Since truck drivers are traveling long hours, they will feel fatigued and tired if they do not take care of themselves. Many truck drivers make pit stops and rest till they feel alert enough to drive. Truck drivers who do not eat or rest, may fall asleep behind the wheel which can lead to an accident. Once the driver loses control of their truck, it may be too late to avoid getting into an accident. 

Equipment Malfunction

Trucks require regular maintenance due to how much distance they are traveling. All truck drivers must ensure that their truck is in good condition before heading to their destination. Malfunctioning brakes or tire blow outs are common among trucks that aren’t properly taken care of. Equipment malfunction could also include a detached trailer or non-functioning lights. Equipment malfunctions occur more often during poor weather conditions. 

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