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3 Damages to Your Feet Caused by Flip-Flops

Posted on : April 12, 2017

1. Hammertoe

The rubber strap, which your feet cling to in order to keep the flip-flops in place, plays a major role in foot damage. The toes are hard at work, trying to keep the little rubber piece between the toes, which can cause a bad case of hammertoe. This issue causes the toe knuckles to bend causing pain and stiffness. Hammertoe can be corrected with a surgical procedure.

2. Bunions 

In lieu of your toes doing all the work to keep these rubber shoes on your feet, there is a risk of developing bunions. A bunion looks like a huge bump on the joint of the big toe. There is often pain associated with these pesky growths, not to mention that they are not pretty to look at. Nonsurgical procedures help to relieve the pain caused by bunions; however, if the nonsurgical methods do not work, then surgery may have to be an option.

3. Heel Spurs

 Within the foot, there is a sheet of tissue that connects the heel to the base of the toes called the fascia. When flip-flops are worn, the fascia is subjected to stretching and strain. Pain is most commonly detected in the heel, and after a while, calcium deposits begin to form in the heel of the foot if the fascia is not treated. There are nonsurgical options to treat heel spurs that may incorporate stretching exercises, shoe inserts, physical therapy and in occasional cases, corticosteroid injection. If the nonsurgical options do not work, then surgery may be necessary.

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