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3 Foods That Will Make Help You Stay Awake

Posted on : August 23, 2018

If you’re at work or school and feeling drowsy, this post is for you!

When you had a hard time sleeping, we know it’s difficult to keep your body energized throughout the day. At times coffee works best to get the blood flowing, but sometimes it can crash and tire you out again. That’s why food can be your best friend. Food is not the enemy here. When food is consumed your body breaks it down into energy – which is needed when trying to stay alert during a work day. There are types of foods that will make you go to sleep. There are also foods that can help you keep your body up and moving. Here are three types of food you can snack on during the day.

Oats and nuts:

Oatmeal seem to be a popular go-to food when it comes to breakfast. It’s quick and easy to make. Not to mention that it has high complex-carbohydrates that helps you feel and alert after consumption. Before you put away the bread, think of spreading some almond butter because nuts help decrease the tiredness. Maintain the energy level by mixing up the oatmeal and nuts and you’ll feel energized for a while.


It may sound weird but Indian food has this special spice that gives you the kick you need when you’re drowsy. That spice is turmeric which has an element that boost energy levels in the body. So if you like something spicy and surprising, try Indian food. We recommend an Indian cookie. They are great for a snack, sweet for your cravings and has that spice you need in the middle of the day.

Pumpkin seeds:

It’s almost that time of year when the pumpkin patch will hatch and there will be a numerous amount of pumpkins to decorate. Hold the seeds on the side! The pumpkin seeds have a lot of zinc and iron and is transferred to the brain when consumed. Talk about brain power! It will definitely be a favorite Fall snack around the office. Keeps you awake and gives you a decoration. What more can you ask?

This is just a few in the endless amount of other nutritious snacks you can consume during your day. So if you can’t settle for coffee, settle for a snack. Or maybe settle in for both!


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