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How Does The Weather Effect Driving Behavior?

Posted on : August 23, 2018

There are many factors how the weather can effect your car. For example, the heat can burn out your tires after a while and the cold temperatures can put stress on your start plug. That’s why it’s hard for the car to begin sometimes. However, have you ever wondered how the weather take a toll on your driving? Think about it. On a normal day, are you alert? Do you follow the driving safety procedures? Most importantly, do you use your turn signal?

On a perfectly normal day you would probably drive smoothly. The sky is clear, the roads are not rough and your emotions are going all over the place. What happens if it’s pouring rain, traffic or freezing cold out? Do you know how it may effect you? Here are a few weather conditions that may take a toll on your driving behavior.

Rain: There’s no doubt that many of us hate driving in the rain. Most people avoid it and depending how hard it occurs, many people decide to stay at home. However, you may need to go to work and can’t avoid driving in situations like these. You might get aggravated from the slow traffic and decide to be more aggressive. When in traffic, you tend to be more cautious but still try to swerve your way around traffic. Others may not want to leave space in-between cars, but you should since you never know when the car decides to stop.

Heat: Recently, it has been overly exhausting to drive under the sun. It might be fine because the roads are dry, but the suns rays can be over bearing and make it blinding to dry. Also, the heat can cause dehydration to some – leaving them with a feeling of drowsiness. This will decrease their ability to concentrate and be alert. When it is hot outside make sure to wear sunglasses and stay hydrated.

Darkness: Night is the time where most accidents occur. Maybe it’s because there are barely any vehicles on the road. Since the road is clear it may feel free for speed. It’s also harder to see in places that are dim-lighted so many people are more cautious when they want to drive safely. Also drive safe during these hours. Statistic say 12am-3am is the time frame with the most accidents. Be cautious when you are driving at night and follow the safety procedures of your vehicle.

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