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3 Important Driving Tips for Teenagers

Posted on : March 27, 2017

Being a new driver is one of the exciting moments of a teenager’s life. Having access to driving gives teens access to a bigger slice of the world and affords them a greater sense of freedom. But, like most good things, there’s always a bad side. Teenagers get into car accidents at much higher rates than adults. Inexperience and immaturity play a huge role on the road and teenagers, for the most part, still haven’t fully developed the key personality traits to stay safe on the road. Here are some tips for teens as they get some driving experience under their belts; 

Drive Alone

It’s tempting to haul your friends around town when you’re a new driver. However, it’s simply not a safe thing to do when you’re just starting out as a teen driver. Even having one other teen in your car greatly increases your risk of being in a car accident. 

Turn Your Headlights ON 

It’s pretty obvious to keep your headlights on when it’s pitch black outside. What might be less obvious to a new driver is the importance of turning on headlights in the early morning and just as the sun is starting to set. Doing so will make a teen driver more visible to the cars around them which can be a life saver. 

Minimize Distractions 

So, texting and driving has become the boogeyman for teen drivers. However, teen drivers should be wary of the several distractions that can affect us on the road. Eating, drinking coffee, or playing music too loudly can distract us as we’re driving and make a teen less ready to react should anything unexpected happen on the road. 

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