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3 Infamous Car Accidents

Posted on : November 8, 2018

Car accidents are the leading cause of death in America. It can happen to anyone – and when we say anyone, we mean anyone. Even pop icons and socialites have endured accidents on the road from reckless driving. Even some have ended their life on the road – majority of them were either speeding or driving under the influence. Here are three accidents from the elite who have suffered the end of their life because of an accident on the road.

  1. Princess Diana: Many have heard the stories. On August 13, 1997 the beloved Princess of Whales was in a car with (what the public have reported) an intoxicated driver. It was reported that the driver had alcohol levels that were three times higher than the legal level in France. With his reckless driving, the car struck a wall at the entrance of Pont de l’Alma killing himself, Diane’s boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed, and the princess herself. The only one who didn’t face death was the princess’s bodyguard – Trevor Jones. However, he suffered severe injuries where he cannot recall the accident.
  2.  James Dean: The heartthrob that broke so many hearts, died young – age 24 – while he was in route to a racing event. Many people know that James Dean loves to speed. On September 30, 1955 Dean and his colleague were driving a Porsche down Route 466 and enjoying the fresh air when all of a sudden a collision with Donald Turnuspeed’s sedan while at an intersection. Dean was too late to press the breaks and sent the Porsche flying – leaving him with severe injuries and a broken neck. A witness was a nurse and tried to tend to Dean’s needs. However, she detected a low heart rate and have reported a sudden death.
  3. Paul Walker: One of the most recent car accidents in modern-day America. And very unfortunate since they were still filming Fast and Furious during the time of his accident. On November 13, 2013 Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas was driving on the road in Valencia where it was popular for drifting cars. It was said they were speeding and crashed into a lamp post that brought extreme damage to the car and burned into flames. Both Rodas and Walker died at the scene. Walker’s daughter Meadow even tried to file a wrongful lawsuit after the accident.

Just because it’s not reported in the news doesn’t mean it happens frequently. Always be alert while you are behind the wheel, never drink and drive and stay within the speed limit of the road.

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