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Public Transportation vs. Commuting: Which is Safer?

Posted on : November 6, 2018

Public transportation may play with your patience, but is it worth it if it saves you from an accident that than driving in your car? Think about it. In Florida, most – if not all – have purchased a vehicle to commute. That’s why you can easily see road rages during traffic hours on i-95. In comparison, those people who have relied on public transportation have less stress than drivers. Having stress while driving is a pain and will lead to aggressive behavior. That in turn may start a collision depending on the circumstances.

So what option do you think is safer? Public transportation or commuting? The answer varies.

According to street blogs, public transit is safer than driving when it comes to accidents. Todd Litman is an analyst of public transportation and in his studies he has found out several statistics. Compared to driving, commuting with trains can be 20-30 times safer and buses are deemed 60 times safer. Even though they have accidents that are more known — thanks to the news — the chances are slim.

The Hidden Traffic Safety Solution has stated that if a person transitions to public transportation from commuting, they’ll reduce the risk of a collision by 90%. When you take in consideration of transit-communities their percentage of collisions are a lot safer than those of commuting communities. However, choosing transit may mean that you are more victimize to crime.

Many transit advertisements will say, “If you see something, say something.” This promotes that taking a bus or train is typical unsafe than what it actually is. The news will report crime performed in public stations or bus stops, but the rate of these crimes are lower than car accidents that are created on the road everyday. Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from a car accident walk, bike or ride the bus or train. You may be sharing a space with strangers but it will save you the stress of driving.

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