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3 Ways To Relieve Stress While In Traffic

Posted on : January 9, 2017

Keeping calm and cool in the car when moving at a Turtle’s pace through traffic is sometimes easier said than done. While being stuck in traffic may be more difficult to deal with everyday, almost twice a day, finding a sense of inner peace while sitting for longer periods of unexpected time is worth it.

How do I keep my cool during my commute? Here are the three ways to relieve stress while in traffic:

#1 – Opening the car windows

The fact that you’re about to spend the next nine hours sitting down in a cubicle and breathing recirculating air brings most people’s moral down, so on the way and after work put your windows down and enjoy some fresh air. The wind blowing through your hair and face can help you to stay awake, feel alive, and bring your spirits up towards your destination. If you live in an area that has chilly temperatures 60 degrees or below, a stress relieving trick you can enjoy is turning your heater on towards your legs and then put your windows down is extremely relaxing, trust me.

#2 – Have a tasty drink in the morning

Stop by a store, drive-thru, or bring something from home to enjoy on your drive to work. You could of course have coffee, but it isn’t for everyone, you can have a smoothie, juice, soda, or whatever favorite beverage you like to keep handy on your way to work. Though it shouldn’t have to be said but this does exclude any drink that contains alcohol of any sort.

#3 – Create a smooth playlist

There’s only one reason why speakers and a stereo system was installed in cars; and that’s to enjoy music. Certain music is appropriate for meditation as it can help the mind and initiate relaxation. Smooth music like Jazz, Blues, Classical, R&B, Bachata, and Reggae are just a few genres that are comforting in commute to your destination. Create a playlist and search around to find what produces a sense of calmness for you.

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