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4 of the Most Common Types of Accidents on College Campuses

Posted on : September 29, 2017

College is an exciting time for most who are eager to begin new courses of study, make new friends, and become more independent. As young adults begin experiencing college, there are new responsibilities that become introduced. College campuses are typically bustling with activity, due to athletic games, partying, students, faculty, professors, and visitors. Students are encouraged to take care of themselves, in order to prevent injuries and accidents. Different universities take different measures to prevent accidents, and protect students. Colleges may have their own police, security, and appoint other students as leaders, looking out for the well-being of other students. If you do become injured on a college campus, similar protocol to other accidents should be followed. Below, the 4 most common accidents that occur on college campuses are discussed.

Pedestrian Accidents

Most college students use walking as their primary form of transportation. Whether students are walking across campus, to and from class, to an extracurricular activity, or to recreational centers, many students chose to walk from place to place. Pedestrians are encouraged to follow all rules of the road, and to walk on sidewalks or within crosswalks whenever possible. Pedestrian accidents commonly occur due to distracted drivers, opposition to following road rules, distracted pedestrians, and lack of communication between pedestrians and drivers. Although pedestrians typically have the right of way, they often assume the approaching car is paying attention to them. Similarly, the driver assumes the pedestrian is paying attention to the car, creating a disconnected communication between the driver and the pedestrian. If you become involved in a pedestrian accident, call 911 and seek medical attention immediately. 

Slip and Falls

As students are usually rushing to class, or eagerly walking to a social event, slip and falls do occur. As students walk across campuses, they may walk through slippery pavement from rain or snow, and be distracted while talking to other students, or using mobile devices. If you slip and fall while on campus, notify someone. At the least, use a first aid kit with bandages, ointment, or ice packs. If injuries seem more severe, dial 911 immediately.

Sports Injuries

For many students, a large determinant for why they attend a certain college is the college’s sports team. Although college athletes are in optimal physical shape, there is a large risk of injury. A minor injury may be a sprain, a minor fracture, swollen muscles, or laceration. A more severe injury may include dehydration or sudden cardiac arrest. A medical professional should be contacted in all situations. 

Alcohol-Fueled Accidents

College students are notorious for partaking in alcohol-fueled parties. With that being said, it is essential that college students exercise responsible drinking. Faculty and students should be aware of what to do in the case of alcohol poisoning. Ensure the student is conscious. Lay the student on their side, rather than their back. If a student loses consciousness, dial 911 immediately. If you are a student, remember the health and life of the effected student is more important than the perceived trouble you may get into. Remember, paramedics arrive for the safety of people, rather than to delegate punishment.

College is an exciting time for most, living with more freedom, responsibility, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Because college is a novel experience for all, unfamiliar and sometimes unfortunate circumstances occur. The 4 most common accidents on college campuses include pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries, and alcohol-fueled accidents. In the event that you are part of a college accident, dial 911 and seek proper medical attention immediately. Afterwards, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the potential compensation you may be entitled to.


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