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411 Pain Autism Awareness Event

Posted on : April 21, 2017


The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. What does this mean, exactly?


The month entails understanding and recognizing autism.


As part of our mission to conduct volunteer work, we visited Park Lakes Elementary. There, we got the opportunity to hang out with the kindergarteners with autism.


We celebrated Easter and dispersed Easter baskets filled with candy and 411-pain merchandise.


Fun ensued with the children.


There were arts and crafts, which included decorating bunny ears for the children to wear.


There was even story time where we read a story about a special bunny, who turned out to be THE Easter Bunny, and he spread joy on Easter by giving presents to kids all around the world.


The children requested music that led to a mini dance party- and the moves were pretty impressive.


There were plenty of giggles and laughter radiating from the little ones. We were lucky enough to receive hugs and experience the warmth that they provided with their restless energy.


We would like to thank Park Lakes Elementary for allowing us to experience this celebration with these special children who brought smiles to our faces in return.


Let’s not forget that autism is a disorder that is commonly misunderstood. Spending time with these young ones and learning about their habits and personalities was a truly rewarding experience.


Educate friends, family and yourself about autism.




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