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411 Pain Anti-Bullying Campaign in SFL Schools!

Posted on : February 28, 2012

411 Pain, a medical and lawyer referral service, has gone beyond the norm to make a difference in the South Florida community. In addition to their numerous donations to underprivileged Elementary schools through the 411 Pain Read and Rise Campaign, they have recently teamed up with The Prevention Team to tackle one of the biggest issues in our middle & high schools today, Bullies! “The Prevention Team specializes in bringing Pro Athletes to Schools Nationwide to stop bullying before it happens. As a father, I know how serious this epidemic has become & knew this would be a great program to bring to the South Florida school system,” says Dr. Robert Lewin, president of 411 Pain.

As Title Sponsor of The Prevention Team, 411 Pain is launching their Anti Bullying Campaign beginning this month by funding ten school assemblies in Dade County and Broward County schools. Thanks to 411 Pain, students will have the tremendous opportunity to be educated by an NFL Player on what to do if they are a victim of being bullied, harassed on the internet, see others being bullied, and much more! Rhonda Beier, President of The Prevention Team states, “These assemblies are creating awareness, bringing solutions, and putting a STOP to bullying. We have had tremendous success so far and thanks to Dr. Robert Lewin and the 411 Pain Team, we will now be able to reach thousands of students and staff members throughout Florida.”

For information on scheduling an assembly in your school, please visit www.thepreventionteam.com!

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