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411 Pain’s Crusade For Literacy

Posted on : March 5, 2012

For years, 411 Pain has been very involved with ending illiteracy in South Florida and throughout the nation. The Scholastic Read and Rise Literacy Campaign has collaborated with 411Pain in an effort to bring about more awareness of the prevalence of illiteracy in today’s youth. They have organized events focused on getting kids more interested in reading and excited about learning! 411 Pain has also participated in fundraising events at book fairs designed to ensure that every child attending receives a five-dollar gift certificate. This is done in hopes of ensuring every child who attends leaves with a book.

411 Pain is pleased to be of such service to their community, but is also very excited to be bringing about more national awareness of the shockingly high incidence of illiteracy nationwide.

411 Pain’s sponsorship opportunities continue to make events and programs like this possible. “1-800-411-PAIN is proud to continue our commitment to education by supporting Thomas and his Mary’s Court Foundation,” said company owner Robert Lewin.

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