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411 Pain – Moon Over Miami

Posted on : April 26, 2013

411 Pain – Moon Over Miami

If you haven’t listened to this amazing song it’s about time you do. The lyrics talk about love at the seashore under Miami’s glistening moon.  But there are other things to do in Miami besides contemplating the moon and enjoying good company on a romantic evening. Miami enjoys the most fascinating attractions and the nicest weather all year round.
Let’s start with Miami Beach. The scenery goes beyond sand and water. Surfers decorate the waves with their colorful surfing boards. Roller-blades glide gracefully like ready to soar.  You’ll also find the most tasteful food and have the shopping experience of your life. If you want to bring home some designer souvenirs visit the Design District and pick the most glamorous pieces to decorate your space. Catch the wave of interesting building structures from the golden era of architecture at the Art Deco Ocean Drive.  Visit Viscaya Museums and Gardens, a majestic palace built by industrialist James Deering in 1916 used as his winter residence.
There is a wave of fun things to do in nearby cities as well as long as you drive safe with 411 PAIN.  Enjoy the pristine beaches in Key Biscayne. Dance with the music festivals at Bar Harbor. Visit the MacCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in West Palm Beach. Try an old fashioned air boat tour at Port Saint Lucie or watch a movie at Silverspot Cinema in Naples, a traditional movie theater that offers the comfort and upscale looks of a lifetime.
The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting these places is driving safely. Traffic violations in Florida are taken seriously. It’s common to find cops all over issuing traffic tickets left and ride.  Enjoy the bright moon over Miami; wish for a dream or two that may come true…and remember to buckle up with 411 PAIN.

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