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411 PAIN Windshield Wipers & Rainy Season

Posted on : June 7, 2013

411 PAIN Windshield Wipers & Rainy Season

It’s time to go for a good swim, bike a few miles and have a picnic at a local park! Due to all the fun surrounding us during this time of the year most Floridians forget to be prepared for the rainy season. The year’s average rainfall occurs in the summer in the state of Florida.  One of the main things to keep in mind when heading to the wet roads is making sure your windshield wipers are in great shape and work properly. If you get injured in a car accident during rainy season, dial 1-800-411-PAIN.

Rainy season is usually from June to September and hurricane season from May 15 to Nov 30 in the Eastern Pacific. About this time of the year most of us should be concerned with our windshield wipers’ proper maintenance and replacement. Besides rain, heat and lack of moisture can also damage your wipers. They are one of the hardest working parts of your car yet they are only made of thin flexible rubber and don’t last very long.

Windshield wipers get beaten up over time. Thankfully they don’t have to be replaced entirely. Blade arms usually accept rubber refills. Your blades chattering and streaking means it’s time for replacement. Rear wipers should also be replaced from time to time. Most wiper blades need to be changed every 6 to 12 months. Halogen-hardened blades last longer than rubber blades. Silicone blades are the best. They can last over a year even when overused.

Every year thousands of people suffered severe injuries in car accidents. Assuring proper vehicle maintenance might help you avoid being injured in a vehicle crash. Contact 1-800-411-PAIN if you are seeking legal advice in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Naples, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

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