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411 PAIN – Worst Cars to go on Date

Posted on : May 31, 2013

411 PAIN – Worst Cars to go on Date

Nothing more disappointing than going on a date with a car that has no handles. Windows are a viable option but a true gentleman will hate watching his date ruining her nice outfit while trying to get inside the car. Most ladies are attracted to guys that don’t worry much about what people think. However, there is a limit to the madness. If you experience a car accident while dating one of these irresponsible guys in the state of Florida, call 411 PAIN.

Let’s start with the Ford Vans. Every time I see one of these I remember a place I used to work at. Gentleman, these amazing vans are for work purposes only. What about Tesla electric vehicles? It’s ok if you cell’s battery go bad but a different story if your car batteries go off. Charging points are scarce these days so you might want to impress her with something different. Don’t spend money on a limousine unless your date likes the show. It’s too 80’s. A Tata Nano it’s a no. Picking up your date in the world’s cheapest car might not be a good idea. Another bad choice is the Fiat Multipla. They are ugly-looking and will probably remind your date of the film Cheaper by the Dozen, something you don’t want in this economy. 
Other things such as threatening careless drivers, driving a dirty car, a car that is too clean, driving fast and refusing to pay for parking will definitely ruin your date but nothing like a car with no handles. Call 411-PAIN if you get involved in a crash. 

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