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5 Things You Should Keep In Your Car

Posted on : July 24, 2018

When on the road you wouldn’t think of having an “emergency kit,” do you? Well, you should! The average American spends an hour or more a day on driving and 38 hours in traffic in a whole year. That means you almost wasted two days on the road. Sometimes taking a long drive means that your car will be your home. So let’s talk about what you should keep in handy when the road gets rough on your journey.

  1. Spare tire with wrench and lug wrench: You never know when your tires will go flat – especially in this heat when the sun actually can effect your tires to turn into trash. It’s good to have a spare and tools to lift your car up just in case your tires has run out of air.
  2. Jumper cables: This will become handy if your car is almost as old as the roarin’ 20s. Sometimes our vehicles decide to run out of juice. And in order to find a solution to this burnt out situation, you will need a friend with some car energy and cables for that energy to transmit into yours. Then it’s “vroom, vroom” all the way home.
  3. Car charger: Many people cannot live without their phones, and we wouldn’t blame you if that’s your source of direction. That’s why car chargers are imperative to getting around. Don’t let your battery die because of the GPS. What will be your source of communication if it’s life is on 1%?
  4. Flashlight: Let’s say you got a flat tire and it’s around 1a.m. You have a spare tire, but couldn’t see. What do you need? A handy dandy flashlight! Trust us, that phone light won’t do justice on exchanging tires.
  5. Pens: This is a weird one, but it is also important. If you are on the road, you’re most likely running some errands. Most likely, you’ll need a pen. Even though everything is written on the phone — you never know when you’ll be need to write a check, an important message or even a phone number for a friend.

There are more simple things you should keep in your car, but these are only a few. What else can you guys think of?

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