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5 Tips For Riding Your Bike In The Rain

Posted on : March 14, 2018

Though Florida is the sunshine state, it is also prone to receiving some rain—even on half days. What happens if you rode your bike to and from a place then it starts to pour? Are you ready for the challenges ahead? If you want to prepare yourself for a rainy ride, here are some tips.

Avoid puddles and other slick objects:

Sure it’s fun to ride through water, but some puddles may be an indication of oil patches. These can cause you to ruin your tires and lose control of your bike. Be aware of manhole covers, steel bridge decks, painted traffic markings and wet leaves. They are also dangerous to your bike control.

Waterproof your ride:

The moisture from the rain can rust your gear. But with some prep beforehand, it can save you from an accident. To prevent your chains from rusting, apply chain lube when it is completely dry to keep the moisture out. You can also purchase full cable housing at a bike shop.

Cover up:

It is recommended to have waterproof gear, especially on your hands and toes. It’s usually cold when it rains, so make sure you layer to stay dry and avoid the sickness. Wear clear or yellow lenses for eye protection or a cycling cap. It’s good for keeping away raindrops from going to your eyes.

Seat protectors:

As weird as it sounds, cover your bike seat with a plastic bag or a shower cap. This will keep your seat from getting soggy.

Invest into fenders:

Fenders will keep out water from splashing you. Full fenders will also prevent dirt from getting into your chains and gears. So for a smooth ride, fenders are your best bet.

So what do you say? Can you handle a ride in the rain?

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