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5 Simple Ways To Avoid Parking Lot Fender Benders

Posted on : February 26, 2018

No matter how good of a driver you may be, the unpredictability of any driving situation can hurt your driving record in a minor way or in an immense way.

Here are five simple ways below to help everyone become safer, better driver’s, and avoid all the common factors that are often associated with fender benders in parking lots:

Expect All Possibilities

Assume anything can happen anywhere, at any given second. Someone coming out in front of you, someone parking in reverse, a cart rolling out towards you, someone backing out of his or her spot, or a sudden stop. When you acknowledge all the different scenarios you’re better prepared for it than those who aren’t.

Use Your Eyes, Mirrors, Cameras, and Stay Focused

Keep a lookout for pedestrians at all times, even if the parking lot seems empty or not busy. When pulling in or out of a parking spot, watch for doors being opened. When backing out, put your phone away, turn your music down, and look at all of your mirrors and proceed slowly.

Give You and Everyone Space

Parking in between the lines and in a spot sized for your vehicle may help to minimize dents and scratches. It’s better to park in a less-crowded area and walk to the store; never park where you feel unsafe. Also, always park away from stray carts as they can take up more space for a messier situation.

Don’t Speed

Speeding may decrease the amount of time for you to reach your destination, but it also decreases your reaction time when a child runs out in front of you. Speeding also slims down your reaction time when another driver stops suddenly, or a car begins backing out unexpectedly. A collision or fatality isn’t worth the price of getting to your destination earlier as anticipated.

Have Patience

Having patience goes a long way in life. It doesn’t hurt to imply some of that principle into the parking lot or parking garage. Stop for pedestrians, wait for a parking spot, and most importantly try not to lose your cool. Keep in mind, when you’re watching for dangers, you have a better chance of avoiding them if you relax and be patient.

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