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8 Dangerous Jobs for Workplace Injuries

Posted on : November 1, 2017

Injuries can occur in any workplace environment, whether it be an office, a construction site, a shopping mall, a workshop, a library, or a marketplace. Employers are under legal obligation to obtain insurance, workers’ compensation, in order to protect employees in case they become injured. Within the U.S., over three million non-fatal workplace illnesses and injuries occur, which equates to approximately one injury every ten seconds. Over four thousand injuries that occur in the workplace are fatal. In the U.S., the states that experience the most workplace injuries are Maine, Vermont, Washington, Montana, and Iowa. The most common types of workplace injuries include burns, concussions, contusions, fractures, mental stress, respiratory disorders, and sprains. Although workplace injuries can happen in nearly any workplace, the following jobs are the most dangerous for workplace injuries.


Airline Pilots

Airline pilots are considered to have the most dangerous job. For airline pilots, human error is a major cause of death for airline pilots, in addition to inclement weather. Due to advances in technology, when planes go down, they can be quickly located with modern transmitters built into planes.



Loggers become injured commonly, due to falling trees, inclement weather, and massive, dangerous equipment that contribute to a dangerous work environment.


Mining Machine Operator

From year to year, the fatalities for mining machine operators fluctuates. The job of digging coal and minerals is dangerous, although technology and training have reduced injuries that used to happen more frequently.


Farmers or Ranchers

Working on a farm or ranch is a risky occupation. Nonfatal injuries occur in approximately one out of three farmers each year. In order to prevent injuries, it is important to be aware of where others are standing when operating machinery, conduct routine maintenance on equipment, and make sure there’s a safety protocol in place for checking all electrical components.


Sanitation and Recycling Workers

The sanitation and recycling industry’s high injury and fatality rates are due to unsafe working conditions, around heavy machinery and exposure to dangerous items, including toxic chemicals and animal carcasses. Many sanitation and recycling companies depend on temporary workers, who have fewer workplace protections, and are less likely to be informed of their legal right to a safe and healthy workplace.


Military Jobs

Working a military job is one of the most obvious dangerous jobs. Particularly, when people are deployed to war or to assist in a disaster is when they are faced with the most dangerous conditions.


Police Officers

Police officers also face various situations that may cause injuries or fatalities, including car chases, house raids, and confronting criminals. Somewhat surprisingly, police officers face less injuries and fatalities, compared to other workplaces.


Truck and Delivery Drivers

Millions of Americans work as truck and delivery drivers, transporting goods for companies. Common injuries for truck and delivery drivers result from truck accidents, lifting heavy boxes, and operating massive machinery.


Workplace injuries can occur in nearly any workplace, and range from minor to severe. The most dangerous jobs for workplace injuries and fatalities include airplane pilots, loggers, mining machine operators, farmers or ranchers, sanitation and recycling workers, military jobs, police officers, and truck and delivery drivers. Other dangerous jobs include iron and steel workers, firefighters, prison workers, carpenters, and stunt people. If you become injured on the job, immediately seek medical attention. Regardless of how small your injury appears, seeking medical attention will ensure your injuries are assessed, and will help you if you wish to file a claim in the future. The next step is to tell your employer, and obtain a copy of your employer’s accident report. Afterwards, seek the help of a personal injury attorney to discuss the compensation you may be entitled to.


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