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A Few Hazards From Camping

Posted on : May 17, 2018

Have you ever went camping in the woods or in a state park? It can be exhilarating to be one with nature, but if you are not prepared nature can bite you in the butt. It’s great to be ready ahead of time – before you run into some hazards. Trust us, it’s more than the usual than “getting lost” or  encountering “bear attacks.” Here are a few common hazards.

Cuts and bruises: when you are out in the woods, you always have to WATCH YOUR STEP! That’s the number one rule when roaming around in the woodlands area. Sure it can be fun to climb, jump and adventure out into the wild – but with all those activities you are bound to get hurt if you’re not careful. Cuts and bruises may seem minor since we tend to get them when we are younger. However, it can cause infection if not taken care of (even if it’s small). Remember, you’re rolling in the dirt when you are out there. Who knows what your body will catch. Also, if you have an open wound you have to be careful before jumping into an open river. Bacteria particles can be wandering around the water from habitats of the area that can cause an infection.

Animal-sightings: Believe it or not, the “bear” incidents are real. Though, you don’t have to keep your food in a net. It’s recommended to bring dried foods because animals are less likely to smell them. NEVER leave food out. If you do, most likely you’ll encounter a guest at the campfire. When you have to encounter a bear, don’t turn your back away from him. Instead, move back away slowly. If he spots you, he’ll most likely find a way to escape. If worse comes to worse, you can carry a bear spray. But that should be a last resort! For those in Florida, you may encounter an alligator. Runaway in a zig-zag motion. Since alligators’ eyes are on their sides they won’t see you as much.

Allergies: Take into fact that you are surrounding yourself with nature. If you are not educated or exposed to different plants, insects, and terrains – you may get an allergic reaction. Watch out for poison ivy!

Before you pack up and go camping, make sure you research the area on where you are going to reside and have everything on the camping checklist. Make sure you packed up for emergencies as well.

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