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What You Need To Know About Customizing Your Car

Posted on : May 15, 2018

Do you remember the show, “Pimp My Ride”? Makes you want to customize your car, right?

Many car enthusiasts have or will customize their car. They might want to tape their car to look better, tint their windows more, or modify their engine to enhance their speed. But with all these ideas, people have to take in consideration of the law and regulations of each state. Depending on where you live will determine the modification restrictions. Therefore, before you start to customize your car for your liking, look up any specification and/or restriction to avoid paying a ticket. For those in Florida, here are a few regulations to consider before you start designing your car.

Tinted Windows: Front and back windows have different rules for the amount of tint that can be placed and the amount of reflection differs. The rule of thumb for most cars is allowing 28% of light in when it comes to front side mirrors. For back mirrors, it would depend on the type of car. The rule of thumb is that at least 15% of light should be allowed in. If you have or want to have reflective mirrors, it can’t be more than 25% when modified.

Sound Boosts: Many people love blasting their music. Before you think of installing a new sound system in your car, there are limitations to what you can do. The sound is usually measured by a measurement called, decibels. Cars manufactured before 1975 can’t exceed more than 86 decibels. And those manufactured after 1975 can’t exceed 83 decibels. Keep that in mind before you make your car a party vehicle.

Neon lights: Lights depend on laws in each state. Each state has a preference for type, color, and location of the lights. The general rule is that these neon lights should be covered and unlit in public places. They should not be programmed to flash as well. And the huge rule is to avoid red and blue colors.

Good news, Florida doesn’t have any regulations on engine modifications. Though, if you decide to drive other places it’s best to check what are the regulations in other states before investing the money to modify anything with your car.

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