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A Safe Spring Season

Posted on : April 3, 2017


If your entire winter was spent hunkering down like a hibernating bear, then good news for you- Spring is finally here!
It’s time to venture outdoors and take advantage of the lovely weather. Keep in mind that enjoying the weather safely is often the greatest challenge. Here are some tips to help you get into the Spring-spirit so that you enjoy those gorgeous days without an emergency trip to your doctor or ER.
Planting a Garden?
Take care of those knees as you tend to your outdoor flora. The last thing you would want to do is spend hours putting pressure on your knees. Instead, find tools that enable you to stand upright while you beautify your living space. Giving your knees a break will have them thanking and serving you for much longer.

If you are on your knees for an extended period of time, just make sure that you take frequent breaks to relieve the pressure. Feel free to walk-it-off every 20 minutes or so to get the blood flowing correctly, as well.
If you do find that you overdid it and your knees are in pain the following day, place an icepack on those knees for 15-20 minutes for up to 3 times a day or until the pain subsides.

Playing Sports?
If the great outdoors puts you in the mood to grab a friend for some outdoor fun then make sure you stretch before subjecting yourself to rigorous exercises. Stretching will help your muscles loosen up, helping you to be more agile and limber. All your stretching efforts will pay off, as you won’t feel as sore the next day.

Also, don’t forget to use proper protection and equipment for any sport activity that you decide to do. If you’re playing baseball, wear a helmet, gloves and proper padding. For footballers, gear up with the proper protection for the vulnerable areas that are likely to be impacted.

Letting the Kids Run Free?
Let’s not forget about our little ones who enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do, if not more. Of course, along with the sunblock and hats make sure you monitor them closely as they run around.

Parks and backyard activities are always fun but they can be dangerous for little adventurers. Therefore, make sure that they aren’t climbing too far up a tree or horse playing on play yard equipment. Musculoskeletal issues are one of the most popular injury that brings children into the ER. These issues could range from broken bones, fractures, and sprained ankles.

The best prevention method for the ouch-ies and booboos that result from playground activities would be to keep a careful eye on their choice of outdoor entertainment.

With these tips and tricks in mind Springtime fun could commence, as usual. Enjoy the time spent outdoors.

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