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What is Whiplash?

Posted on : April 3, 2017

You’ve probably heard about whiplash in a TV commercial or maybe from a friend or family member. You might have a general understanding of what it is — a type of pain in the neck that comes along with some type of accident. But, do you know what whiplash is really? For a long time, even researchers were stumped when asked that question. Here’s what they’ve found out in recent years: 

Chronic Pain

Perhaps the most obvious symptom associated with “whiplash” is chronic pain in the neck. Usually seen in the form of muscle sprains that can become persistent. 

Joint Pain 

If you feel like you’re experiencing whiplash, chances are you feel some tension and pain in your joints. You might feel like your joints don’t absorb shock how they should or perhaps you don’t have the same range of motion you had pre-injury. 

Herniated Discs 

An accident resulting in whiplash often injures the discs in your neck and spinal cord and can lead to tears. A herniated disc involves symptoms like sharp, stinging pain down the length of your arm and muscle weakness and numbnes

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