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Air Bag Safety 101

Posted on : May 19, 2017

When you are in a high-speed accident the chances are your air bags will deploy to keep you safe. Though you may know your vehicle has air bags, it is also important to know more information about them. Check out this quick 101 course on all you need to know about air bags.

History and Reliability

Air bags were first required to be installed in all vehicles in the year 1998. Vehicles that were made before 1998 most likely do not have this safety feature. They are most commonly found in the dashboard and steering wheel, as well as the panels of the vehicle.

This safety feature should only deploy during a large impact accident to reduce the injury of those in the vehicle. Though air bags are safe, they can leave bruises and cause soreness after the accident occurs.

Safety Facts

Children under 13 years of age should never sit in the front of the car due to their height and weight. Certain vehicles will not deploy the airbag if a person of a certain weight is not sitting in the seat. Also, if the airbag does deploy it can cause serious injury to a child who is not tall enough for the front seat.

The driver and passengers should always make sure they are buckled up and secure in their seats before driving. Though air bags do reduce the risk of injury, they do not keep individuals completely protected if they are not wearing a seat belt.

Air Bag Recalls

It is important to always keep up to date with any recalls that may be made on your vehicle model. Whether your vehicle is new or old, it may have a recall to replace the air bags with fully functioning ones.

Older vehicles are more likely to have air bag recalls due to the age of the vehicle. If you do not replace your airbags when a recall is made, the chances of your vehicles air bags functioning properly are less likely.

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