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Monday Mood Buster: Part 3

Posted on : May 22, 2017


Need some inspiration for your moody Monday morning?

We bring you more tips and tricks on boosting happy energy to get your week started on the right path.


Break the Daily Routine


Taking a day to break away from your daily routine is a great way to boost your mood. Take a day off of work to have more “you” time, try something new on that day. If you are in a very deep mode of sadness, consider taking a vacation. Removing yourself from the daily routine for a moment is like hitting a refresh button for your mind. It draws you into a free and more relaxed mood that could help make you happier.


Fake that Smile


Studies have shown that making yourself smile is a mechanism that could trick your mind into becoming happier. If you laugh then it’s even better! Serotonin is released when you laugh which creates positive after-effects. Just watching something funny, having a funny conversation, or remembering something in the past that you found hilarious could activate this mood booster.




Revamping your living space could help to boost your mood. For instance, changing the paint color on the walls to a joyful color such as yellow or a soothing blue could have an impact on your mind once you enter that space. De-cluttering or tidying up also adds relaxed state of mind since many things wouldn’t bombard you at once. A relaxed mind is a happy mind.

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