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Avoid a Road Slip & Slide

Posted on : January 29, 2019

Even though December is long gone, the snow is still falling. Keep your coat on because winter just started. People who live up north are being hit with too many snow storms to count. We know that keeping sidewalks and cars’ windshields clear of snow is a burden, however, listen to your car when you’re driving. Roads can be covered with black ice that can lead your car to slip and slide into someone or something else. Avoid gliding on the ice when you’re on the road by following these tips.

There’s No Need For Speed Here

   A rule of thumb is to drive 45 mph or less on glassy roads. This includes highways! If you see black ice, they recommend 10mph. If you hit a patch of black ice, your tires are likely to lose traction, which means you may lose control of your car. You already know the result of what happens next.

Ready! BRAKE!

   Be light on your brakes when you’re stopping. Your brakes do not function as well when wet or when driving through snow and inclement weather. If you slam too hard on your brakes, you might find yourself sliding into the car in front of you. Be light on your feet and leave plenty of space to stop.

What Happens When You Slide?

  Icy roads can cause your car to slide. If this happens, don’t use your brakes. To correct a slide, you need to freely turn your front wheels in the same direction of your rear wheels. This will help align your car. It may take a few tries because depending on how far you turn your wheels will result in how your car reacts. It may swing in the other direction, and you would have to adjust accordingly.

Keep in mind, the best way to drive is when you are alert and cautious. Stay focus on the road and never drive under the influence.

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