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Motorcycle or Car: What would you pick?

Posted on : February 5, 2019

The debate on which is safer, motorcycles or cars, has been going on for years. What side of the coin are you on? Do you really think motorcycles are dangerous? Here are a few reasons why being on a motorcycle can be safer than driving a car.

A Panoramic View

    Unlike cars, motorcyclists can see everything that surrounds them. When they look to their left or right, they get a full view of their surroundings without any blind spots. This give them the advantage of spotting obstacles and hazards before facing them on the road.

Better Focus

    While driving your car you most likely will take a second to change the music, snack on some food or grab a bottle of water all while still driving. When you’re on a motorcycle, there is no room for distraction. Motorcyclists are more focused on the road than most car drivers. Car drivers can be easily distracted and that is one of the major causes of accidents.

More Control

    Since the motorcycle is smaller than a car, it can maneuver its way around obstacles such as avoiding a car collision when a vehicle suddenly stops in front of them. They can drive between cars and safely move onto the shoulder of the road.

Driving a motorcycle is cool, but it comes with a price. Statistics show that there are more fatal accidents involving motorcyclist than cars. Since 2016 the rate of motor accidents has decreased, but it is still 28 times higher than other fatal accidents.But like many reasons of accidents, it’s mostly the motorist choice – driving under the influence – which you should never do when you get on the bike. So what are your thoughts? Is a motorcycle still a dangerous vehicle to use?

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