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Avoid The Tricks, Get The Treat: Safety Tips For Halloween

Posted on : October 30, 2018


Are you ready for the tricks? Or do you just want to munch on some treats? Every year many people get ready for Halloween. What’s not to love about dressing up and getting candy? We know this tradition is very exciting – especially for the kids. Walking in the streets at night can be adventurous, but remember safety comes first.

If there is a full moon out, you wouldn’t want the wolves to get you – do you? Here are a few tips to remind your kids to keep them safe as you search for that pot full of sweets.

  1. Plan your route in advance: know what side of the neighborhood has the best stash and stick to it. Let the family that stays behind know so they know where to find you if anything goes wrong.
  2. Visibility is key: we know Halloween is meant to be dark and spooky, but having a bright and reflective costume can make you visible for those driving on the road. It’s hard for drivers to see pedestrians covered in dark colors — especially those who blend at night. Keep something bright and reflective to let the driver’s know you’re crossing the road.
  3. Porch lights are your best friend: haunted houses can be fun, but no light can cause trouble. Make sure you have a flashlight, if you don’t it’s best avoid these traps. If you get scared and tripped over a prop you might end up with an injury. No one wants that.
  4. Walk on well-lit streets and in groups: no lights – mean no treats. That’s a definite call for a trick. These areas may have booby traps that can create an accident. Visiting a hospital is not a nice treat on the day you where you just want a bucket of sweets.
  5. Stay hydrated: In search of the best candy will take some time. To save yourself from fainting, always carry a bottle of water to keep you and the kiddies up with energy.
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