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Do You Know The Cost of Speeding?

Posted on : November 1, 2018

We know that many people love speeding. However, before you put the pedal to the metal take in consideration of your life and the others that are accompanying you on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding takes nearly a third of fatal crashes. Speeding has killed about 10,000 drivers in 2016 and increasing in numbers as the years go on. We know it’s difficult juggling a busy schedule, however, it’s not worth risking your own life and others.

We know in Miami, many people practice aggressive driving. You may have to because of traffic condition and angry motorist – but that doesn’t mean you should drive cautiously. The top two reasons people would aggressively speed is because of heavy traffic and running late for work. To keep you safe from this drivers when you are on the road, you have to be aware of your surroundings. If someone is trying to pass you, let them through. Give speeding drivers enough space just in case they lose control of their steering wheel. Adjust your speeding when you encounter aggressive drivers.

In Florida, you’ll be bombarded with bipolar weather. Therefore judge your speed with the conditions on the road. Sometimes you have to slow down in heavy rain to save your life and your tires. Speeding in inclement weather calls for trouble. If you go over the speed limit or your vision is blurred because of rain or fog, you and the other drivers are at risk of a collision. In weather such as rain, you can easily lose control of your wheel and perceive danger to the cars in front and behind you. Your tires will slide on the road even with traction on.

The rule of thumb is to leave a car space every 10 mph. For example, if you are going 50 mph you leave 5 car spaces. The reason for this distance is that you have time to react during situations like a car hydroplaning or a sudden stop. Speeding is a choice. It may be considered a poor driving choice as well. Never feel like you’re pressured to speed. There might be a driver tailgating you – egging to press the pedal. However, the choice is yours: save a life or risk a life.

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