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Beat the Heat With These Car Cool Down Tips

Posted on : June 29, 2021

It’s that time of year again when the heat really hits us in the face and makes even the most menial of outdoor tasks a challenge in the face of the summer heat. We know it, we hate it, but we must deal with it. And driving in the heat is just another thing we have to do. It’s downright uncomfortable in the dead of summer. If you leave your car parked in the sun on an 85°F day, you might return to find that the interior cabin air temperature has climbed to 130°F after only an hour. Not only can it be dangerous for you to be in your car when the cabin is that hot, but it can damage electronic devices left in your car and cause your engine to overheat. Here’s how you can beat the heat when parked or driving in the hotter months.

Use a Car Shade 

Car shades can help keep your dashboard and seats from becoming incredibly hot. One report found that car shades were able to reduce dashboard surface temperatures by more than 43°F. A car shade is also great because it can fold up and be thrown in the trunk or backseat when not in use. 

Crack Your Windows 

Leaving your windows cracked is easy enough to do and goes a long way in helping keep your cabin cool for your summer drive. In fact, leaving the front windows open 2 inches can lower cabin air temperature by almost 10°F on a hot day. 

Invest in Window Tinting 

Whether you take your car in for someone to put the tint on or do the job yourself, tinting your vehicle windows is a good way to keep the interior of it much cooler. You may need to do a bit of research as state laws may mandate how dark of a tint that you can use.

Get Regular Oil Changes 

During intense heat or intense cold, your oil has to work in overdrive to make sure your engine is well lubricated – so more of your oil is used up. 

Spin the Wheel

One of the worst parts of driving during the summer is getting into the car and the steering wheel burning your hands. Once you’re parked, turn your steering wheel 180° so that the section you keep your hands on isn’t baking in the sun all day. You can also buy a wheel cover that can help prevent it from getting too hot to handle. 

Use Lower AC Vent 

You can push hot air out of your car more easily by opening your windows, turning on your AC, opening the vent closest to your feet, and closing the vent closest to your face. As the lower AC vent blows cold air out, it forces the hot air to rise and flow out the open windows. 

Use Recirculate Setting 

Once you push the hot air out of the cabin of the car, roll your windows up and keep the AC running. Continue to bring in fresh air until the cabin reaches a comfortable temperature. Once it has, switch from the fresh air setting to the recirculate setting to recirculate the cool air inside the cabin. This is an especially important step if you find yourself stuck in traffic as using the fresh air setting can increase your exposure to carbon monoxide emissions. Following these steps can help reduce your exposure to pollutants by up to 76 percent.

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