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Safest, Most Effective Exercises in College

Posted on : August 21, 2017

College students typically have busy schedules, maintaining a balance between classes, work, family, and friends. Students are encouraged to set aside time for safe and effective physical activity to improve focus, concentration, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Experts advise approximately 150 minutes of exercise weekly, from moderate to intense effort. Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, while intense exercise includes cycling or playing sports. In order to build strong bones, strength-training twice a week is recommended.

To implement a safe exercise routine and prevent injury, begin exercising with a warm-up, end with a cool-down, stretch frequently, and cross-train. Other ways to avoid injury, specifically while playing sports, include wearing protective gear like pads or helmets. Ensuring all players know the rules of the game will ensure players do not collide and injure one another. Hydration is important for injury prevention, as water lubricates muscles and enables the body to function efficiently. Once students determine which physical exercise is the most enjoyable and implement exercise into a weekly schedule, rest days are important so that the body can recover from vigorous physical exercise. 

Most colleges have areas for physical activity, including gyms, pools, recreational centers, and track. In addition to the physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise, exercising on campus enables new friendships to form. A dorm room can serve as a miniature gym. Various exercises may be performed in place, such as squats, lunges, and jumping jacks. In order to strength train, students may perform chair dips, sit ups, and crunches.

Major benefits of implementing a safe, effective exercise regimen as a college student include strengthening bones and muscles, improving mental health, regulating mood, reducing risk of disease, forming new relationships, and accomplishing goals. Find an exercise regimen that excites you most, and then prevent injury by warming up and cooling down, stretching frequently, cross-training, wearing protective gear, ensuring all players know game rules, hydrating, and taking rest days. 

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