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Bicycle Accident FAQs

Posted on : December 18, 2017

An area of law that personal injury attorneys practice often is bicycle accidents. Similar to other accident causes, common causes of bicycle accidents include speeding drivers, inability to follow road rules, inclement weather, defective bike parts, bikers not having a bike lane to ride in, and traffic. Bicycle accidents can happen in nearly any environment, whether it be a bustling city street, a suburban neighborhood, or a school parking lot. The extent of bicycle accident injuries and property damage varies from minor to detrimental. In order to discuss some of the details of a bicycle accident, the following frequently asked questions are discussed.


Q: If I am hit while riding my bicycle, can I sue the driver?

The  answer to this question is dependent on whether or not the driver was at fault. In most cases, the answer to this question is yes.


Q: Who can I recover damages for my bicycle accident injuries from?

Depending on multiple factors, one or various multiple parties may be held responsible for your injuries. People that may be held liable for the accident include:

Negligent drivers of automobiles, buses, or trucks, if the driver caused the accident.

Negligent manufacturers or retailers of bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle accessories, and/or vehicles, if a defective product caused the accident.

The City, County, or State who maintains roadways, if the accident was caused by a dangerous road condition created by an unsafe roadway.

Negligent repair shops or mechanics, if the accident was caused by negligent repair of a vehicle or bicycle.

Dangerous condition of public or private property, which include construction, tree trimming, or other environmental conditions.


Q: What are my rights and responsibilities as a bicycle rider?

A bicycle rider must operate the bike with the same duties and rights that apply to other drivers, of any vehicle. Generally speaking, this involves the operator keeping to the right of the road and yielding to pedestrians. The bicyclist must operate the bike in the same direction as traffic on the roadway.


Q: What should I do if I am hit by a hit-and-run driver?

In many bicycle accidents, drivers commonly leave the scene without rendering aid, or without providing the victim with proper identification information. If you are involved in this scenario, immediately report it to the police, providing any identifying information that you or bystanders may have. Although it may be difficult to identify the driver and/or their car as they speed away, try to identify the driver or any details that could be potentially helpful to law enforcement.


Bicycle accidents can be traumatic experiences, creating life-changing injuries and damages for all parties involved. In order to prevent bicycle accidents as a driver, always keep your eyes on the road limiting distractions, never text and drive,  follow the speed limit, and other rules of the road. As a bicyclist, always ride in the marked bike lane if there is one, yield to other vehicles, and prevent riding in inclement weather and hazardous riding conditions. If you become involved in a bicycle accident, the first thing to do is dial 911, to seek medical attention, and to inform police that the accident occurred. Although some injuries appear to be minor at first, many injuries worsen over time. Additionally, if you wish to file a claim in the future, medical reports will substantiate your claim. If possible, collect contact information from all involved parties, including the driver, biker, pedestrian, or witnesses. Contact information should include names, phone numbers, addresses, driver’s license information, car information (make, model, color), and photos. Photos should include the accident scene, property damage, and injury. After the accident, keep a personal diary to discuss your injuries, if they have improved or worsened over time, and how your doctor is diagnosing you and handling the process. The next step is to hire a personal injury attorney who has experience in bicycle accidents.


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