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Boating Safety Tips out at sea

Posted on : March 1, 2017

No matter how many trips you have under your belt, being on water is a new experience. If you are navigating or just onboard a boat, everyone plays a critical role in boating safety. While having a good time out to sea is satisfying, the satisfaction is getting everyone back to shore safely.

Be sure you and your passengers follow and practice these safe boating behaviors on every outing and promote an incident-free return from each outing.

Before Setting Out To Sea

-Check the local weather, sea reports and boating forecasts on deciding to continue or cancel your departure.

-Make sure your boat is operating properly before heading out onto the water. Follow a checklist to help you avoid any potential problems before you depart.

-Review the float plan with a friends or relatives, also include your destination and expected time of return.

-Show all passengers aboard the location of personal flotation devices and location of all fire extinguishers.

-Have an emergency/evacuation plan in place, and go over it with your passengers.

-Test radio/communications devices.

– Check your engine.

– Check fuel levels and add as necessary.

-Ensure all lights on the boat are functioning correctly and in place.

-Check for any electrical issues such as loose, disconnected or corroded conductors.

-Run blowers to evacuate fumes and vapors from the bilge prior to starting your engine.

-Attach your boat and vehicle keys to a floating bobber.

-Safety Out On The Water

-Do not exceed the number of passengers safely allowed on your vessel.

-Children should wear a life vest at all times; this is required by law in some states but be sure to check your state laws if necessary. Adults should consider wearing them as well, or at a minimum they should have one close by and available.

-Make sure all passengers remain in a proper-seated position strapped on the boat while it is in motion.

-Be aware of your surroundings, water conditions, animals, and other vessels.

-Turn off the engine while passengers are onboarding the boat, off boarding the boat, or for recreational activities such as tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding and swimming.

-Have a backup operator (Designated driver) if consuming any alcoholic beverages prior to or during your boat trip.

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