Can I Sue For An Injury at the Gym?

When you go to the gym you are introduced to many weights, machinery, and equipment that you may or may not be familiar with. If a piece of equipment were to malfunction or break while you’re on it, you could become seriously injured. Other situations could be caused by you not properly using equipment or pulling a muscle. So, in any of these situations would the gym liable for your injury because it took place on their premises? Here is the answer.

Gym Contracts and Agreements

Most gyms aren’t free unless you are using a community gym that you have access too. When you go to register for a membership at a gym, they will make you fill out several papers. At this point you should take some time to read over the documents to know what rights you have. Many gyms specify they are not liable for any injury, in which case you could not sue them.

Even though premise liability laws states that the person who owns the property is reliable for injury, this does not apply when there is a signed contract. Also, if you were to bring a guest to the gym or pay a daily fee, most gyms will still make you sign papers to defend themselves.

Machinery That Malfunctions

Many accidents at the gym occur because of a malfunction in the machinery being used. Though some gyms do state they are not reliable for machinery malfunctions, if they are not properly maintaining their equipment, they may be at fault. It is unlawful to have individuals utilizing gym equipment that is dangerous. Most machinery must be tuned up on a regular basis to ensure it functions correctly. 

Seeking a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are seriously injured at the gym and believe you can seek compensation based on the contract you have with your gym, you should contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney will go over the contract with you to see if you have a legal case or not. Once this has been determined, they will proceed with a case or you will not be able to sue for compensation.

To prevent an injury at the gym, make sure to always read safety labels, directions, and not over exert yourself. Most injuries are caused by individuals who push themselves too hard. 

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