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Sun Protection

Posted on : July 31, 2017

Skin cancer is caused by damaged skin cells that are the result of unrepaired DNA caused by ultraviolet radiation, tanning beds or from the sun.

These daily occurrences, which we may take for granted wreak havoc on our skin by those cells reacting to the exposure. What can we do to prevent this and protect ourselves?

Say “No” to Tanning

Whether you get to your perfect sun-kissed skin from a tanning bed or from the sun, our advice is to forego that process. Lying out in the sun for a substantial amount of time is not healthy for the skin cells. The urge to tan is understandable given that summer means getting to defrost your winter body from the winter, however, practice safe tanning.

Invest in tanning lotion that could give you the tan without having to sit out in the heat for hours. It’s super easy to apply and will give you the same outcome.


Sun Protection Factor (aka SPF) is a lotion or liquid that protects your skin from the suns ultraviolet radiation. The most effective way to use SPF would be to follow the directions on the packaging. Try to apply it as much as possible to your entire body. The UVA and UVB rays are what cause the cells to become damaged; therefore, this is your method of protection against the harm.

Wear Your Protection

There is now sun-protective clothing that helps to guard against the impacts of the sun. The clothing fibers are made with UV-inhibiting ingredients, which may help to block the harmful rays.

Sunglasses are encouraged, as it’s the only way to protect your eyes from harm. Additionally, feel free to toss on a hat to block the sun from directly hitting your face.

If you could avoid being out in the sun, then do so. However, if you must venture out, take heed to some of the advice to help protect your skin and your health.

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